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Slice 'O Nate

New Material Alert: While Nate and I were roommates our first year at WPI someone left us a note. See Random Message and guess what they used to call Nate in college.

      Nate is one of my best friends from WPI. Yes, another WPI Alum. Small world, isn't it? Check out Turtle Love (icon on the right) and you'll get the idea of what wacky and crazy guys we are. No, we like women.

      I'm putting this up real quick so just a list of what will be here...

  • Meeting Nate story
  • Aluminum can ceiling story
  • Keith carries Nate stories
  • The amazing replicating Greg story
  • Stuff we wrote to scare Nate's other roommates
  • Loud speakers Nate and Keith built
  • Other groovy stuff

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