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The Person
Achieving moderation through extremes.

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      I'm not the easiest person to buy for, or so I've been told. I'm only really picky about clothing and technology. Best not to get me either unless you know of a specific item I like. I much prefer to spend time with people. Offer to take me for dinner or the movies or some other such thing. Of course it may be better for your mental health to avoid prolonged exposure and just send me a card with cash. Golly, that doesn't sound nice of me, does it? Well, I suppose what I am trying to get at is you don't have to give me anything. Just remember me on those special days and I'll be happy.

Here's some info that may make things easier for those who still insist on getting me stuff.

Clothing Sizes
Size Comments
Waist 31" That's hard to find, 32" works well but belts are appreciated
New Post MS Degree Waist 33" That's hard to find, 32" works pretty well
Inseam 32"
Neck 16½"
Shirts Large L-XL may depend on the cut. When in doubt get XL. Oh, and no matter what you think, Medium just won't fit.
Sweaters, T-Shirts, Undershirts X-Large
Color Preferences
Extreme Dislikes Navy Blue, Brown, Crayola Red
Likes Just about everything else
Extreme Likes Black, Silver, Grey

Love Life 2001 Office View South Park

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