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      This is the first serious attempt at drawing that I have made since 1995 or so. Please be kind in your criticism. It was finished on October 7th, 2001. Ick... almost seven years since I even tried to draw something more than a doodle. Bad Keith! I promise, I'll try to keep with it this time.

      This was done with ink on standard 8 x 11 copier paper. Ya see, all my stuff is in storage right now and the materials and space I have to work with while I am in between homes is quite limited. I know that doesn't excuse the obvious flaws but it might inspire sympathy in people with talent.

      Let's see, the only other thing I'll say right now is that it doesn't do the subject justice. (No, it's not a self portrait, Dave.) I'll prolly make a few more attempts, maybe venturing into some other mediums like pencil and charcoal. I will learn how to blend! I always sucked at blending... and working with color. I know, I know, big surprise from Mr. Bright and Sun Shiny.


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