not much need be said some sentiments are better read now's your chance so go go ahead
hey well.. i was cleaning out some drawers in my room, getting rid of all the clutter i don't need and what not.. and i actually sat down for the first time in years and read through some of my old high school writings.. and i thought, hey i was actually pretty good.. emotionally disturbed? YEAH SO WHAT YOU GOTTA PROBLEM WITH ME YOU WANNA PIECE OF ME??? oops sorry.. HEHEHEE. ...anyway so i thought, it would be nice to sift through it all and pick out the ones i liked best and post them will take me a while to get through the two binders full of stuff i have but i thought it would be, there it is. yes a lot of it is the naive unpolished rambling of an awkward teenage girl but some of it actually has some real depth.. i think, looking back and reading it again. i hope you get some enjoyment from them. - L. (hard to portray in regular printed script.. but try to imagine a pretty flourishing L, kind of like Z for Zorro.. L for Lisa..nevermind.)

recent 2003
stuck under the bed

high school/college
marriage dream
wanted: godot
happy sappy
quicksand sinks
learning to kill
on the acceleration of a small shiny object
the unicorn and the geraniums..a short short story i forgot i had written.. i tried to write it roald dahl "omnibus" style and for the longest time have been trying to find "that unicorn story" in that book..
unconscious sonnet
apple picking
intangible untouched
theres a ton more i just thought itd be nice to post these on here and have a record..i'm going to keep posting more slowly but surely, i hope to have a nice tweaked up record of my high school/college writings on here by the time i leave for school.. and i always have new stuff to add..
upsidedown lisa
if you turn your head 180 degrees you will have a perfect picture of me being photographed upside down, with a smile not a frown..had enough silly rhymes..come back again ;9 i don't even think i look that pretty in this picture, and my frumpy taste in fashion shows in the plaid blue skirt and faded olive shirt.. but for some reason this is my favorite picture of myself. i guess because i remember the day it was taken so clearly, just a relaxing quiet day hanging out in the dorm with my best friend towards the end of sophomore year, and whatever worries i had i can't even remember anymore. this picture captures my best memories of college for me..and you know what, i liked myself with all my frumpiness and naivete and inability to apply makeup.. i'm sick of the people who make fun of me for those things as naive or whatever.. some things are best left unknown. i like the fact that i err on the side of being too generous, i like that i care about people too easily and i like that i don't get any personal pleasure from hurting people back who have hurt me. if somebody sees those qualities as weaknesses in my character, then it isn't worth my trying to explain anymore because they would need to shift their entire perspective before they would ever understand what i was trying to say.