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my Myers-Briggs personality type is INFJ, the counselor/idealist.. two of my long-term best friends are the exact same type! we are only 2% of the population and are a very private, sensitive type with "intricately woven, mysterious" personalities..ooo. we are also considered the most psychic type due to our great empathy and intuition..

i believe there is quite a bit of truth to astrology, and the profile of cancer fits me very well..my longest-lasting relationship so far has been with a taurus, a sign known as the best complementary match for cancer..and i swear, all the guys ive dated or had big crushes on have all been signs noted for strong compatibility with mine.. also, guys who have really hurt me have all worked out to be pegged as disaster matches according to "the stars," hehe! another weird thing, and my friends can back me up on this, the moon rules my sign.. and i can *tell* when there is a full moon out.. i've often remarked that there would probably be a full moon that night, and i've never been wrong.. sometimes i'll say to myself feels like a full moon.. and i'll look out the window and sure enough there it is. that's my little "psychic tick!"

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here is a list of marathons that i have run so far..

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i wasn't always an unemployed bum,you know.

my LSAT score qualified me for MENSA, which means my IQ is in the top 2 percentile..which scares me because if i represent the top 2% of intelligence there must be some madd dum people out there!!

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these are all the places i fantasize about living in...

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hope i die before i get old - the WHO