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i am just starting this page, but here are some of my all-time favorites:


- jane eyre by charlotte bronte
- all of the Anne books by lucy maud montgomery
- anything by jane austen and charles dickens,
- sylvia browne's books on past lives and dreamwork
- i LOVE thomas hardy..tess of the d'urbervilles, jude the obscure, the mayor of casterbridge, and return of the native
- the lord of the rings trilogy and the hobbit by j.r.r. tolkien
- the sandman and death:the high price of living comics series by neil gaiman


- any period film by the b.b.c.. pride and prejudice, mansfield park, great expectations, david copperfield
- the anne of green gables and anne of avonlea series by sullivan films
- alfred hitchcock films.. TOPAZ!!, rear window, the birds, psycho etc. the series hitchcock presents
- the upstairs, downstairs series..i've seen all five's addictive. i think it is supposedly the most watched television program of all time.. a truly wonderful production.

more recent movies:

- the royal tenenbaums, one of the best dark comedies about family life i've seen in a excellently cast movie..possibly my personal favorite movie, if i had to pick one
- jimmy neutron, boy genius..amusement park rides flying through space, cool!
- lord of the rings!! probably THE BEST computer effects i have ever seen.. how sweet is the battle scene in moria
- best in show
- the others.. one of the scariest and most creative horror movies i've seen in a while. kicked "sixth sense" and "the ring's" arses..IMO
- BEAN.. for some reason the critics hated this movie, but there are some gut-bustingly funny scenes..i thought it was wonderfully done
- there's something about mary...made me laugh loud enough to wake the dead
- dumb and dumber..i love jim carrey. for some reason i seem to be in the minority for my sex.. he seems to be more of a man's man.. hmm. i think some women are afraid to laugh at bathroom humor and/or men acting like idiots..


- paul oakenfold, orbital, moby, led zeppelin, rolling stones, grateful dead, the WHO, the smiths, the go-gos, BT, tori amos, til tuesday (shut up, they have some wicked good songs), frente, smashing pumpkins, phish..even if i don't like a band's style i always appreciate talent.. i don't particularly like pink floyd's music, it's too slow and dreamy for my style.. but i'll still check out artists like that just b/c of their incredible talent, right?? i don't like a lot of the new shit the music industry shoves down our throats..a perky ass and a good plastic surgeon may make the world a prettier place but they can't make a musical genius. music videos allowed that industry to start marketing image instead of the music.. people didn't care that jerry garcia was a big fat oaf, or that jimi hendrix seriously needed a haircut..they didn't go see those people perform to see how much flesh they were going to bare on stage this time..the draw of performers like that is their unbelieveable talent, not their image..i can't believe the gene pool has changed so much that a few decades ago we produced a slew of great performers and now we have an army of britney clones..what i've always guessed is that the mass industry side of it must have shifted priorities from marketing musical talent to marketing sexy images..i don't know stats but i bet britney spears' albums sold more copies and faster than a lot of classic rock bands like led zep or whatever..but those bands keep selling albums decades down the road and will eventually outpace her sales. but if you're running a business are you going to bother waiting for a band to build their reputation blah blah blah for their music or are you going to jump on the cutesie blonde who sells a million albums everytime she tosses her ponytail and goes "!"

cool websites..

pee your pants at ebaum's world. the celebrity soundboards are a hoot.. the perfect prank call tool.

check out spoiled celeb's strange demands at the smoking gun.. fun site..

jay leno's "headlines" archive

site of the "300 incredible things to do on the net" series..


infospace advice


zip2:driving directions, address searches maps etc.

amusing archive of "creative" acronym definitions..

"nVestor," a free stock market simulation game that lets you play with 100 grand "funny money" on the actual stock market..wonderful way to learn about stocks and fun except if you find out you could have actually earned a chunk of change if the money were real!! prices on computer parts from sites all over the internet>, for all you paranoiacs..

isleuth>netstockdirect:buy stocks directly from companies.., david letterman "top ten list" archive, silly cartoons.. - check this out.. beautiful carvings and sculptures..FROM EGGSHELLS!! amazing beautiful works of art..

stockpile of lawyer jokes..

get some irreverent chuckles at this guy has been running this site for years..some people get real worked up about it, and then he also gets mail from ministers and priests praising his sassy tribute to the big J.C.. my personal feeling, i understand that a lot of religious people practically feel an obligation to be offended at a site like this, without even thinking about it.. and i don't really have a problem with those people, i respect people wanting to defend their dearest beliefs from what they see as making fun or belittling..but i think a religious person who honestly gets offended by this site isn't taking it in its intended spirit.. i actually find it kinda comforting to see the unintentional humor that surfaces from the overeagerness of the well-intentioned devoted who have attempted to inspire others with their artistic representations of the big guy, too carried away to stop and think, hey.. a book called "jesus' day off" is pretty silly.... i admit a mean-spirited person could easily enjoy this site from a "making fun of those stupid christians" perspective, but at the same time that doesn't seem to be the site creator's intent at all.. the site is truly aimed at people like myself.. who appreciate the potential for gut-busting humor that exists if you're able to differentiate between finding amusement in silly representations of jesus and ridiculing jesus can you keep a straight face over things like a cartoon jesus complete with glowsticks superimposed on a picture from a rave.. come on now!!!!!

RED MEAT.. some of these make me bust my gut, but you might think it's all just a big weird mess.. you will either fall off your chair howling or you will scratch your head trying to figure out where the punch line went..