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Achieving moderation through extremes.

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Fortune / Pun Source Date
Life is a verb. Szechuan Chef, North Chelmsfords 2005-05-16
Sorrow is the shadow of which the light is joy. Szechuan Chef, North Chelmsfords 2005-05-16
You display the wonderful traits of charm and courtesy. Some Stoneham Chinese take-out place 2004-09-02
You have a keen sense of humor and bring out the best in others. Some Stoneham Chinese take-out place 2004-08-30
Financial hardship in your life is coming to an end. Enjoy! Some Stoneham Chinese take-out place 2004-08-22
Good work, good life, good love, good-bye oppression. Some Stoneham Chinese take-out place 2004-07-17
Your virtues are your priceless treasures Some Stoneham chinese take-out place 2004-06-21
You have an ability to sense and know a higher truth. Some Stoneham Chinese take-out place 2004-06-11
The face of nature reflects all of life's ups and downs. Some Stoneham Chinese take-out place 2004-05-22
The important thing is to express yourself. Some Stoneham Chinese take-out place 2004-04-12
April the 1515 should be called tax-giving day. Salada Tea 2003-03-25
Hospitality - making your guests feel at home, when you wish they were. Salada Tea 2003-02-14
Checks and Balances: famous juggling act. Salada Tea 2003-02-12
Children are grand but grandchildren are grander. Salada Tea 2003-02-11
Thrift is a wonderful virtue - especially in an ancestor. Salada Tea 2003-02-10
Hot cross puns: comics arguing over dinner. Salada Tea 2003-02-07
Gardening angels protect the tree nursery. Salada Tea 2003-02-06
Economics teachers go to class on business cycles. Salada Tea 2003-02-05
A good scare is worth more than good advice. Salada Tea 2003-02-04
"I only have eyes for ewe" : male sheep's lament. Salada Tea 2003-02-03
Meating place: the barbecue. Salada Tea 2003-01-31
Comic: THE GRIN REAPER. Salada Tea 2003-01-30
Romances among the wealthy tend to have more in preferred than in common. Salada Tea 2003-01-29
Restaurants are where money grows on trays. Salada Tea 2003-01-28
A tree never hits a car except in self-defense. Salada Tea 2003-01-27
Termites live happily ever rafter. Salada Tea 2003-01-24
Some people fall for everything and stand for nothing. Salada Tea 2003-01-23
A prude whispers sweet nothing-doings in your ear. Salada Tea 2003-01-22
Wealth is a curse... if your neighbors have it. Salada Tea 2003-01-21
The Wright brothers weren't wrong about flight. Salada Tea 2003-01-20
Mind, like parachutes, work only when they are open. Salada Tea 2003-01-17
It's a good time to finish up old tasks. Mandarin fortune cookie (Revere, MA) 2002-11-29
"The public will forgive everything but genius." - Oscar Wilde. Salada Tea 2002-09-12
Retirement: Antidote for work. Salada Tea 2002-09-12
The Arctic is the land of frozen assets. Salada Tea 2002-09-10
Know-how is especially valuable to someone who doesn't know-who. Salada Tea 2002-09-09
Card players spend a good deal of time together. Salada Tea 2002-09-03
With Integrity and consistency, you credits are piling up. P.F. Changs fortune cookie 2002-08-21
You will continue to take chances, and be glad you did. P.F. Changs fortune cookie (Tina's) 2002-08-21
A liar is not believed even though he tell the truth. Mr. Chang's fortune cookie 2002-08-21
You will always have good luck in your personal affairs. Mr. Chang's fortune cookie (Tina's) 2002-08-21
You form passionate relationships without compromising your independence. Cheng Du fortune cookie (Tina's) 2002-08-20
If you don't know where you're going, all roads lead there. Salada Tea 2002-08-06
Gossip is what no one claims to like, but everyone enjoys. Salada Tea 2002-07-29
Fools rush in where fools have been before. Salada Tea 2002-07-
Good actors use their flare to illuminate lines. Salada Tea 2002-07-
Eiffel created a structure to tower over all others. Salada Tea 2002-07-
Stationary stores assign clerks a fixed location. Salada Tea 2002-07-
A refreshing change is in your future. Cheng Du fortune cookie 2002-07-02
Time wounds all heels Salada Tea 2002-06-24
If winter comes, can spring be far behind?
----- Whoever wrote this was not from New England. -----
Cheng Du fortune cookie 2002-06-20
Polite masseurs never rub customers the wrong way. Salada Tea 2002-06-13
Up-scale criminals wear handcuff links. Salada Tea 2002-06-12
Medieval cavalry charge: Fly-by Knights. Salada Tea 2002-06-11
Bell buoys serve ocean travelers. Salada Tea 2002-06-10
Clothiers give good customers on-the-cuff treatment. Salada Tea 2002-06-05
Talkative tailors yarn on till the end of twine. Salada Tea 2002-06-04
An ego-maniac is someone who's hard of listening. Salada Tea 2002-06-03
Your one syllable words are easier to eat. Salada Tea 2002-05-31
Clowning glory: funny hat. Salada Tea 2002-05-30
Luck has a peculiar habit of favoring those who don't depend on it. Salada Tea 2002-05-29
Too many of us conduct our lives on the cafeteria plan, self service only. Salada Tea 2002-05-28
Inflation - whatever goes up will go up some more. Salada Tea 2002-05-27
When bird watchers bump heads: OWL! Salada Tea 2002-05-24
Swinging nightclubs offer evening golf. Salada Tea 2002-05-23
Band-leader: A man who can face the music. Salada Tea 2002-05-22
Prejudice saves time; it enables us to form opinions without facts. Salada Tea 2002-05-21
The debate turned into a tirade show. Salada Tea 2002-05-20
A rumor goes in one ear and out many mouths. Salada Tea 2002-05-17
Taps dance: lively military march. Salada Tea 2002-05-16
Pawn shops are loan-ly places. Salada Tea 2002-05-15
Racqueteers: tennis court hustlers. Salada Tea 2002-05-14
Surtax: levy on Knights. Salada Tea 2002-05-13
No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar. -Lincoln Salada Tea 2002-05-13
The best eraser in the world is a good night's sleep. Salada Tea 2002-05-10
Stealing a kiss may be petty larceny, but sometimes it's also grand. Salada Tea 2002-05-10
Be sure you never pass up a good opportunity to remain quiet. Salada Tea 2002-05-09
Columbus had to float a loan for his voyage. Salada Tea 2002-05-07
Aerobic reading - move your lips and read out loud. Salada Tea 2002-05-06
A legend is a lie that has attained the dignity of age. Salada Tea 2002-05-03
A faux pas gives you an err ache. Salada Tea 2002-05-02
Political discussions are held in WHINE shops. Salada Tea 2002-05-01
Poets keep writing, for better or verse. Salada Tea 2002-04-30
To make a sponge cake, borrow the butter, borrow the eggs, borrow the... Salada Tea 2002-04-29
Some men dream of fortunes, others dream of cookies. Cheng Du fortune cookie 2002-04-28
Good to begin well, better to end well. Cheng Du fortune cookie 2002-04-28
Gourmet's dream: shipwrecked on a desserted island. Salada Tea 2002-04-24
A picture of a jail should be painted on every safe. Salada Tea 2002-04-23
It's scary driving through the petrified forest. Salada Tea 2002-04-22
Kleptomaniacs help themselves because they can't help themselves. Salada Tea 2002-04-19
Losing quarterbacks are in the throws of depression. Salada Tea 2002-04-15
Mistakes - life would be dull without them. Salada Tea 2002-04-11
Companies can throw a curve with the bottom line. Salada Tea 2002-04-09
Thinking: speech in disguise. Salada Tea 2002-04-08
Worry is interest paid on trouble before it falls due. Salada Tea 2002-04-06
Broadway Marquees: royalty visiting the theater. Salada Tea 2002-04-06
Where there's a will there's a delay. Salada Tea 2002-04-05
A depressed hypochondriac is someone who has no trouble to speak of. Salada Tea 2002-04-04
A friend in need is a friend to feed. Salada Tea 2002-04-02
Body language is the universal tongue. Salada Tea 2002-04-02
The tooth fairy avoids bridges. Salada Tea 2002-04-01
Hair dye gets to the root of problems. Salada Tea 2002-03-29
Euclid had the right angles on math problems. Salada Tea 2002-03-29
We'd still be in Paradise if Eve tempted Adam with a brussel sprout. Salada Tea 2002-03-26
Like hockey players, bookworms are called for icing. Salada Tea 2002-03-25
Among the lucky, you're the chosen one. WPI Campus Center cookie 2002-03-21
Arguments always occur during pique time. Salada Tea 2002-03-19
Anybody who rests on laurels keeps them in the wrong place. Salada Tea 2002-03-18
Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. Some Chinese take out place in Worcester. 2002-02-01

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