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      I am looking for a full tower case that will accommodate a 400 Watt (or so) power supply. Why all the power? Well, I anticipate many drives and dual processors in the future. I want it to be cool looking too... so tired of computer beige... not that I left my old case that color... but this time let's get something with the cool built in. Oh, and no, I can't use my old case, its an AT while all the motherboards I am considering are ATX.

      Well, I ordered the Lian Li PC 70 with the Server Window and Sound Sensitive Blue Neon Kit. I placed my order with PCMods. Let's see how they are...

What I considered

Name: Mirror
Manufacturer: Color Case
Why I like it:
  • 11 bays
  • Tool-less access
  • Bay covers so ugly components not seen
  • real pretty
  • Not true full-tower case, it's a little shorter but it should be fine
  • No separate/swing-out motherboard tray
  • No front access USB, headphone, etc.
Color Case Mirror pic

Name: PC 70
Manufacturer: Lian Li (down last I checked)
Why I like it:
  • 15 bays
  • Thumb screw access
  • Lots of fans
  • All aluminium
  • Slide out motherboard tray
  • Expensive ~$250 (no power supply)
    • +75 for 400W power supply
    • +100 for really cool window and light kit (see PC Mods for details)
  • No front access USB, etc.
Lian-Li PC 70 pic

Places to buy cases:

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