The Person
Achieving moderation through extremes.

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      Hi there. I'm Keith, but that much is obvious by now. What may not be obvious is that I am a person. This section contains the person-like things I do.

      On this web site there is a section for my attempts to be a student and a professional so I thought it only fit to have a section illustrating my attempt to be a real live person... not that students and professionals are not real people, mind you. What I am getting at I guess is that I needed a place to put stuff that doesn't fit into either a "student" or "professional" category without making a major section for each thing... we all know how painful really long menus can be. Ok... with all that said (whether it needed to be said or not), please enjoy or otherwise find entertaining the material I have placed here. No blackmail, please.

      Oh, in case I don't get to putting up everything all at once, here's a brief list of things I hope will show up here eventually. As always, the most requested items get done first, not that anyone actually looks here.


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