New Puter for Keith
Cause the old one melted

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      So, my old computer sorta melted. The power connector on the motherboard burned out as did the connectors on the power supply. Why it did this I have no idea. I've been running the same configuration for about a year now with no problems. The motherboard and power supply I've had for five years now. It was hooked to a UPS and surge protector, both of which are fine and un-tripped. Are the powers that be telling me to update my hardware? If so, I wish they'd keep quiet.

      Ok, enough about the old, let's talk about the new! Above in the local menu you'll find links to where I keep all the info about the various components I am considering or have chosen to use in the new machine. The things that I need are a case, power supply, motherboard, processor and memory. The rest I can use from the old machine.

      Well, if you have any suggestions for me, please send them along. Hope you find what you're looking for and have fun.


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