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The Friend
Friend to many, liked by few.

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      I should clarify the title of this section. You see, I know very well who I am a friend to, but it is sometimes difficult to determine if the relation is reciprocated. In most cases I assume it is, but I don't want to upset anyone wishing to not be considered a friend to me. Hence, this section is about people I am a friend to, and not necessarily people who like me and/or consider themselves my friend.

      If you are missing from this section, I am either not your friend or I haven't had time to put something up about you yet. Please let me know if you fall into the later category and wish to be included. I will do my best to accommodate your request in a timely fashion. People that send me pictures get priority of course. If you fall into the first category and wish to be included, please let me know as well. If enough people identify themselves, I will make a new section for those individuals.

      Oh, and before I leave you to peruse, please know that my friends would take no offense from the manner in which I have presented this section. They understand my perspective of the world and hopefully find all of this greatly amusing... or at least find it re-confirms what they know about me.

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