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I have the immense pleasure of maintaining other web sites besides this one.
Here is a simple list of them with brief description of each.

Kapowee Sites A different kind of company... not really a company but an idea for one. Right now we provide infrastructure and support on a very personalized level. This is done through technology and a real live person who acts as a support contact. This is used mainly to provide people a sub domain for their personal web site to it is nice and easy to remember. We're nice like that. The first and last big thing in musical entertainment! Check out Dirt Garden's latest Hit Singles, all their Chart Topping Albums and the stories behind each track! Get the skinny on the elusive Alec J. Male and the other band members!

WPI Sites The WPI Class of 1998 Web Site

My Personal Sites A web log.
These are all mirrors and various versions, dynamic and static, production and development, of my personal site. The content and appearance of each are hopefully more suited to the audience that is more likely to view them.

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