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      It's true. On rare occasion(s) I actually go on a vacation. By vacation I mean at least a week or so where I do no work or school tasks and spend the majority of my time not in my place of residence. Hopefully I have some fun. Unfortunately getting a contiguous piece of free time that long between work and school schedules is next to impossible, hence the rarity of my vacations. In fact, I've only had one in my adult life. That's why this section is named Travel. I travel a lot more than I take vacations.

      Now before you go and get all teary-eyed for me, let me say that I do take weekend trips and days off frequently. These are fun but do not do as much towards the prevention of burn out as an extended period of vacation does. Hopefully I'll be done with my MS soon and I'll take a couple weeks off to recover. Any suggestions?

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