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"Like hockey players, bookworms are called for icing."

I get lots of email about this Salada Tea bag pun.
(See Fortunes and Bad Puns)

I honestly do not know what it means. The best explanations I can come up with or have heard so far follows. Send your suggestions along and I'll add them here.

  • From Jacinda Bragg:
    Icing is called when a player shoots the puck over the other teams RED LINE , usually done on purpose to kill time. I would guess that the fortune means that bookworms kill their time simply by reading.

  • From David Prach:
    It could be a misprint and should have read something like: "Like hockey players, bakers are called for icing."

  • The pun implies bookworms are cold, personality wise.
    • From David Prach:
      Along the same lines maybe both hockey players and bookworms can give you the "cold shoulder".

  • From Alison:
    Given that icing can mean ensuring victory, frosting, or killing, might the pun have something to do with intellectual victory. As in: You call on a bookworm if you want to cement facts or make sure you do something right so you can win.
  • From Carla, the tea-drinking librarian:
    The closest I could guess is that perhaps because the bookworms (worm-type, I mean) eat through books and have to leave something behind, perhaps it looks like icing on the edge of a book when a bookworm has gone through it?

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