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A web site presentation system.

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      So, from the flood (more like a mist) of email I've received, this web site is actually just my attempt at organizing my life. Maybe it will be interesting to some, but that matters not. Nothing matters... except what you make matter. Life is kinda like a chicken that way.

      You can find links in the Testing section to new features I am currently working on for the automated web site generation presentation layer system (Kapow) that creates these very pages. Feel free to check them out, just be kind to the works in progress.

      I'd like to thank Daniel P. Lamblin for his help with Kapow. He has served wonderfully as a sounding board for many ideas, provided many comments and suggestions and has helped explore the uses of Kapow. In fact, many of the visual and organizational themes you see are based on some of Daniel's ideas, which in turn, are most likely ripped off from some other web site he likes. In any case, Thanks Daniel!

      Soon you will find here a list of features this web site exploits. For now, just take a look at my Task List.

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