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Daniel Stories

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      Let's take a look into the privacy of Daniel's morning, most mornings are like this for him anyway... or so he says... like you can believe anything he says. Dreaming in the morning we start...

Jesse got a rabbit?
Hop hop hop it goes.
Stairs confuse rabbit.
Jesse wouldn't get a pet.
If he did it wouldn't be a rabbit.
I suppose it's more likely than Robert getting a pet, rabbit or otherwise.
Hey... what's that noise?
Must be the phone.

Daniel picks up alarm clock.

"Hello?... Hello?..."
"How annoying, no one there."

Daniel hangs up alarm clock.

back to this rabbit now...
Hey... a little while ago I think I did something really stupid.

Daniel awakes to a brand new day... further along than he wanted.

"The morale of the story?" you ask?

  • Don't buy an alarm clock you can hold like a phone.


Little Daniel

by: Keith A. Pray
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