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      In an effort to categorize things less I consolidated all my writing here. Not that I had any real content in the sections I had created before. It is the organization that matters. I mean... why would anyone come here looking for content? For something to actually read? I mean... you're probably not even reading this. If you are, thank you. You are wonderful.

      I put a new intro blurb up but I haven't decided if it is better yet. It is much shorter and shorter seems to be better. Maybe no blurb would be better still. Any comments?

      If you would like to see some content I do have some stuff here. Please check it out.

      I've done a bit of writing elsewhere on this site as well. In fact, you could say I've written quite a bit on this site. Since the writing itself is fairly unstructured and of little interest I'll point out a couple of fictional pieces. These were written for humorous affect despite my being the only one amused.

  • The Daniel Stories
    While these are based on an actual friend of mine, the stories I tell about him are mostly bunk. Daniel can be considered a joint author for anything you find about him on this site.

  • Joe Tomato
    This is a completely fictional character, an imaginary friend if you will. Why do such a child like thing? Well, as people who knew me in my earlier years can tell you, I didn't lead a very normal child like life. Maybe I'm just trying to make up for it now. Maybe I've gone off the deep end and reality holds no special meaning for me anymore. Whatever the case may be, I wrote about it. It's not good writing, but denying it's very existence as writing is not easy. And what does one normally do with writing? Well, one reads it or doesn't read it. I suggest you pick one and come back here later. Hopefully I'll have something better for you to see. I don't know why I care that you see something you'll like here since I put stuff here for my own amusement and organization... but there you have it, I care.
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