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Thoughts on Happiness
April 12, 2001

so, now that I'm older, do I have any more of an idea what life is all about? I don't know if I do or not...

yeah... I think I am starting to expect to think that for the rest of my life I won't really know...

depressing, huh?

I think I am far more comfortable just pondering it and not knowing than the younger me was

but it can be depressing... although, I am happy to report, it was not the main sentiment I was feeling when I asked the question

think of life as a journey... with many things to experience along the way...

seek happiness, fulfillment, challenge, enlightenment etc.

thing is, I don't think people know what they are looking for... and even if they do figure it out, it is only because they had it and lost it

maybe that is part of wisdom... knowing and recognizing those things in life

I think it is also a key to being happy

some people think if they fall madly in love they will be happy... but fail to realize what being in love really means... and don't know when they are or not... don't know what to do even if they do know they are

some people find everything others are looking for and don't realize the value of what they have

it all seems to make most things meaningless... jobs, career, education... they are all inconsequential when compared to the simple realization of what one wants

the most they can hope to accomplish is lead one down the path to that discovery and prepare you for obtaining what ever it is you want

yep -- that's it -- the real trick is figuring out what it is that makes you happy

in the end, the important things are whatever you make them be... and if you want to be happy, you have to make important what ever it is that compels you down the road, toward a possibly unseen goal...

cause obtaining the goal is nice, but the journey is what counts... for once you arrive at your destination the only thing to do is travel on or revel in it... which is still an exploration of the space you've found... learning all the nuances... etc. etc.

I prefer to revel

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